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Pierpaolo (aka Pier Paolo) Gandini started his career as photographer, art director and film camera operator.
He made his debut as writer and film director with the short 'Primo!' (1989) screened at the Florence Film Festival / M.o.M.A. New York 1990 and at the 14th Mostra Internacional de Cinema Sao Paulo. Among his works are various commercials, shorts, corporate and documentary films broadcasted by international TV channels, like: 'La Memoria Permessa' (The Permitted Memory, 1993) shown at the 50th Venice Film Festival and 41st Sydney Film Festival, awarded the prize 'Best Italian Short Film of the Year' at the 11th Torino Film Festival; 'Antipodi' (Italian Australians, 1996); 'Favola del Vento e del Mare' (2004); 'Shearers in Italy - Māori' (2008); 'Der Alchimist' (2012); 'Stevenson_Davos' (2021).
In 2005 co-founded 'Pidegari Prod. Zürich'.

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